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Research Fields

Projects 2016

Project details: Microparticles as metastasis enhancers.
Papers: 1. 12307 2014 Article 144 (1). 2. nrc2621 (1).

Project details: Heparanase turns on immune cells and cure cancer in mice.
Papers:1. regulation. 2. A Breakthrough Macrophages-Directed Cancer Immunotherapy (1).

Project details: Treating cancer by “firing his assistant”.
Papers: Hepa_Ilan_et_al.

Project details: Heparanase2 protein fights cancer.
Papers: The heparanase system and tumor metastasis.

Project details: Needle in a haystack- Who are the cancer cells that escape chemotherapy.
Papers: 1.Experimenta Hematology 2014 42 457–463.  2.Clonal evolution in relapsed acute myeloid leukaemia revealed by whole-genome sequencing. 3. Biology of normal and acute myeloid leukemia stem cells.


Project details: Immune response evaluation after transplantation of induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes into mice.Immune response evaluation after transplantation of induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes into mice.
Papers: 1. An Effective Approach to Prevent Immune Rejection of Human ESC-Derived Allografts 2014  2. Immunogenicity of induced pluripotent stem cells nature. 20113. Induced pluripotent SC for cardiac repair. 4. Pluripotent Stem Cells immune to the immune system.

Project details: The search for new bacterial “eyes”.
Papers: Characterization of the chimeric seven-transmembrane protein containing conserved region of helix CF of microbial rhodopsin from Ganges River.

Biotechnology and Food Engineering:
Project details: Super Milk- Less Sugar, Maximal anti-oxidant capacity!
Papers: 1. Synergistic interfacial properties of soy protein–stevioside mixtures Relationship to emulsion stability  2. Influence of Steviol Glycosides on the Stability of Vitamin C and Anthocyanin  3. Does homogenization affect the human health properties of cows milk

Biotechnology and Food Engineering:
Project details: Novel processing and formulation of milk for more antioxidants.
Papers: 1. Synergistic interfacial properties of soy protein–stevioside mixtures Relationship to emulsion stability.  2. Effect of High Pressure Homogenization on Improving the Quality of Milk and Sensory Properties of Yogurt A Review.   3. A change in antioxidative capacity as a measure of onset to oxidation in pasteurized milk.

Biotechnology and Food Engineering:
Project details: Making medicines better with novel micro- and nano-carriers.Making medicines better with novel micro- and nano-carriers.
Papers: 1. Milk proteins as vehicles for bioactives  2. Re-assembled casein micelles and casein nanoparticles as nano-vehicles for ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids  3. Casein-based formulations as promising controlled release drug delivery systems.  4. Casein micelle as a natural nano-capsular vehicle for nutraceuticals.

Biotechnology and Food Engineering:
Project details: Innovative drug vehicles to cure malaria.
Papers: 1. Beta-casein nanocarriers of celecoxib for improved oral bioavailability  2. Celecoxib Encapsulation in β‑Casein Micelles.  3. Development and characterization of a novel drug nanocarrier for oral delivery.  4. Effect of temperature and loading on the structure of β-casein-ibuprofen assemblies.

Biotechnology and Food Engineering:
Project details: Hydrogel Nano- emulsion.
Papers: 1. Edible Nanoemulsions fabrication.  2. Nano Emulsions Formation by low energy methods.  3. PointCloudLibrary_paper.  4. Spontaneous Emulsification.

Project details: Taking photos of electrons, using magnetic fields.
Papers: 1. J_Jin_chapter1.  2. b905943a

Project details: Preparation and characterization of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) pixel, “Smart Glass” (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) window and 3D printing via photo-polymerization.
Papers: High Birefringence Liquid Crystals.High Birefringence Liquid Crystals.

Mechanical Engineering:
Project details: Localization and mapping around obstacles with scanning laser sensors and Inertial Measurement Unit.
Papers: Rimon_and_Manor.

Mechanical Engineering:
Project details: Assisting the design of arm prosthetic devices.
Papers: PointCloudLibrary.

Mechanical Engineering:
Project details: Learning to crowl.
Papers: Towards a Biologically Inspired Open Loop Controller for Dynamic.

Material Science and Engineering:
Project details: Li-O2 Battery: From Oxygen to Gold.
Papers: 1. Realization of an Artificial Three-Phase Reaction Zone in a Li-air Battery.  2. Oxygen-enriched electrolytes based on perfluorochemicals for high-capacity lithium–oxygen batteries  3. A review of cathode materials and structures for rechargeable lithium–air batteries.  4. A gamma fluorinated ether as an additive for enhanced oxygen activity in Li–O2 batteries.

Civil and Environmental Engineering:
Project details: Microb migration.
Papers:1. Harvey_et_al_93_WRR.  2. Chen2008.  3. Ch8.  4. Ch2.

Aerospace Engineering:
Project details: Fish liked propulsion of Marine vessels.
Papers:1. 1973 - Hydromechanics of Fish Schooling.  2. 1994 - Oscillating_Foils_for_Marine_Propulsion.  3. 1998 - Modeling the Dynamics of Spring-Driven.  4. 1998 - Oscillatin foils of high propulsive effciency.  5. 1999 - Review of Fish Swimming Modes For Aquatic Locomotion.  6. 2000 - HYDRODYNAMICS OF FISHLIKE SWIMMING.  7. 2003 - Flying and swimming animals cruise at a Strouhal number tuned for high power efficiency.  8. 2003 - Forces on oscillating foils for propulsion and maneuvering.  9. 2006 - Passive propulsion in vortex wakes.  10. 2010 - Propulsion characteristics of wing-in-ground effect dual-foil propulsors. 11. 2014 - Propulsive performance of unsteady tandem hydrofoils in a side by side configuration.