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July 24th - August 17th
Research Fields

Projects 2015

Chemical Engineering:
Project details: No more needles - Using nano-particles to improve medicine
Papers: 1. Systemic heparin delivery by the pulmonary route  2. Chitosan TPP and Chitosan TPP-hyaluronic Acid Nanoparticles

Chemical Engineering/Energy Engineering program:
Project details: Thermal analysis of an aqueous urea ammonium nitrate alternative fuel under applied high pressure
Papers: 1. Nitrogen-Based Alternative Fuel - An Environmentally Friendly Combustion Approach  2. Thermal analysis of an aqueous urea ammomium nitrate alternative fuel under applied high pressure

Project details: Host response to tumor resection and its impact on metastases
Papers: 1. Cancer Res-2013-Cox-1721-32  2. nihms157398

Project details: Heparanase, a highly important proteolytic enzyme, is important for macrophages to attack and eliminate tumors at mice
Papers: 1. Regulation, function and clinical significance of heparanase in cacer metastasis and angiogenesis

Project details: Applications of Human Amniotic Epithelial cells in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Papers: 1. Human amniotic epithelial cells differentiate into  2. Stem Cell Characteristics of Amniotic Epithelial Cells  3. Stem Cells Derived from Human Fetal Membranes Display Multilineage

Biomedical Engineering:
Project details: Skeletal muscle tissue engineering
Papers: 1. Levenberg_nature2005

Biomedical Engineering:
Project details: Developing and Testing a Portable Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Oximetry Device for Clinical Applications
Papers: 1. A Miniature Electron Spin Resonance Probehead for Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitoring

Biomedical Engineering:
Project details: System Identification of Robotic Leg
Papers: 1. Eric Sauther Sine Sweep Tutorial  2. System Identification of Robotic Leg  3. Bode' Plots

Mechanical Engineering:
Project details: Identification and simulated visualization of different obstacle shapes using simple distance sensors
Papers: 1. generation robots

Mechanical Engineering:
Project details: 3D printed, bio-inspired actuator

Civil and Environmental Eng:
Project details: Macromolecular Fingerprinting in Sol-gel Materials for Rapid Bacterial Recognition in Water Samples via QCM Detection
Papers: 1. Peérez-Moral2004  2. w2006

Civil and Environmental Eng:
Project details: Tackling Energy and Water Crisis: Renewable Energy Extracted from Waste water to Drive Desalination
Papers: 1. A state of the art review on microbial fuel cells A promising technology for waste water treatment and bio energy  2. A new method for water desalination using microbial desalination cells  3. Exoelectrogenic bacteria that power microbial fuel cells  4. Efficient salt removal in a continuously operated up flow microbial desalination cell with an air cathode 5. Simultaneous water desalination and electricity generation in a microbial desalination cell with electrolyte recirc 6. Energy consumption and water production cost of conventional and renewable energy powered desalination processes

Project details: Finding the thresholds for existence of important graph properties in random models of graphs and complexes
Papers: 1. erdos-renyi  2. Random graphs from-jeh-Feb-06-2010

Aerospace Eng
Project details: Experimental study of Aerodynamics over a flat plate
Papers: 1. Fluid Mechanics: Boundary Layers  2. Pitot tube  3. Hot wire anemometer  4. Blasius boundary layer 5. Similarity solution

Project details: Measurement of the electrical resistance of Iron based superconductors as a function of pressure
Papers: 1. Iron HTC

Project details: Measuring the electrical properties and structural changes in TaS2 tuned from an insulator to a superconductor
Papers: 1. Squash and sandwiches

Electrical Engineerin
Project details: Image Texture Analysis and Understanding Using Fractals and Properties of Images
Papers: 1. Segmentation Fractal Dimension  2. Fractal Geometry Image Processing